Antalya Kaleiçi Old Town Festival

Antalya Kaleiçi Old Town Festival

The 4th Antalya Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, organized by Antalya Muratpaşa Municipality, will welcome Ukraine as the guest of honor this year.

According to the announcement released by Muratpaşa Municipality, Kaleiçi Old Town Festival will be held between Oct. 10 and 13. The festival, at which Russia have previously been honored, will welcome Ukraine as the guest of honor for 2019.

The Antalya Kaleiçi Old Town Festival aims to share the values of Kaleiçi, a part of world cultural heritage, and build a common culture. Kaleiçi is a precious jewel that has been shaped by every civilization which lived in the region through the history. The living ancient city Kaleiçi, where the travelers are getting lost with excitement of discover, is one of the countless jewels of Antalya region. As Muratpasa Municipality , we aim to introduce Kaleiçi, which is a gift of the history, to the World, to carry this living cultural heritage to the future generations. We have been organizing Kaleiçi Old Town Festival since 2016 in order to gather the living ancient cities and bring awareness about them. Our journey , of offering to the World the cooperation opportunities in preservation of cultural and historical heritage of ancient cities with Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, goes on. On this Journey, we aim to increase the popularity of old towns , and ensure their uses for educational and scientific purposes.

Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal said they have been collaborating with various institutions, including the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Antalya Governorship. ” We kindly reiterate our invitation to representatives of all ancient cities in the World to join our journey in establishing a permanent bridge of humanity and culture. Hoping to share the excitement of the Antalya Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, in which Ukraine is the guest of honor and 51 cities from 23 different countries will participate” said Uysal.

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