Get Turkish Citizenship

Get Turkish Citizenship

Wednesday 19th of Sep 2018, a decree was issued amending the executive regulations on the law on the acquisition of Turkish nationality. And it has been announced in the Official Gazette.

The decision included new changes and amendments to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship as follows:

• Buy a property worth $ 250,000 instead of a million dollars and hold it without selling it at least for three years.
• Provide job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens instead of 100 Turkish citizens.
• The deposit requirement in the Turkish banks has been reduced to $ 500,000 instead of $3 million and must remain in the bank for three years without withdrawal.
If any of these mentioned conditions are met, You are officially eligible for the Turkish citizenship.

These amendments come within the facilities framework of the Turkish government for investors to acquire citizenship through investment in Turkey.

Do not forget that besides these conditions you can also come to Turkey and invest in it by establishing a company in Turkey to obtain a work permit and continue for five consecutive years which also gives you Turkish nationality.

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