Preparing for death in Turkey

Preparing for death in Turkey

Nobody really wants to think about their death, much less organise it in advance.  However when living abroad it is probably a good idea to be prepared and know some information about the procedures in Turkey.

It is important to tell your family and loved one’s what you want in regards to burial or cremation (burial is the normal choice in Turkey). 

You will need to outline who you would like present.  This should be done in writing so there is no confusion or misunderstanding.  It is recommended to use a respected lawyer to draw up your will and outline your wishes.

Give a copy of your written will to your next of kin or those you wish to handle things on your behalf.  Tell them where it can be found if left with your solicitor/lawyer.

If you have any dependants such as children or pets, it needs to be made clear what will be done in the event  of death.  Actions will need to be taken immediately.

If possible let your friends and family know where copies of your documents are.

When making a will you may need to bring these documents:

Residency card/Kimlik


Medical insurance policy or card/documents relating to your policy

Social security card

Full names of both of your parents

Bank account details

It is very important that the whereabouts of your documents are known by at least one more trusted individual in Turkey.  Travelling to Turkey to find these may cause problems or delays in procedures.

If you do not have a trusted friend or family member here in Turkey, it is advised that you inform a lawyer as to the where the documents are.  They may then act on your behalf and undertake any instructions you require.

Your chosen person(s) should have access to your house when needed.  You do not have to give a key but tell them where a key can be found if needed.

Death in Turkey is normally quite straightforward, more so than in some other countries.

Burial is normally undertaken as quickly as possible in Turkey.

We can help you with all procedures realating wills and inheritance in Turkey.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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